What You Should Know About Live Bacarrat

Baccarat is a casino card game that is popular in North America, Asia and Europe. It is similar to blackjack but uses cards with preset rules.

The first thing to know about the game is that the dealer deals the first two cards to each player. Each player receives a pair of cards and has the option to stand.

The game also includes a tie bet. This pays 8 to 1 if the banker’s hand is the same as the player’s. There is no real advantage to betting on a tie but there is a good chance it will happen.

Although Baccarat is often considered a luck-based game, it is actually a fairly simple game to play. In fact, it’s easy to play for even a novice.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the game is that you can wager on both sides. For example, you can bet on whether the banker’s hand will be closer to 9, and you can bet on whether the player’s hand will be closer to 8.

The most important rule to remember about Baccarat is that you should not expect to win. This is because the odds are fixed to favor the House. However, if you can get into the right strategy, you might be able to make a big difference.

As for the game’s other rules, you should know that the house pays a 5% commission on the banker’s bet. This reduces the pay-outs from 19 to 20.