Bacarrat – A Game of High Stakes

A game that requires high stakes, baccarat can see players wager thousands or more per hand. The game is often played in a roped-off area of the casino and is a favorite among Asian high rollers. It is sometimes known as “punto banco” or “chemin de fer.” In the more traditional, high roller version of the game (usually using 8 decks), a croupier directs gameplay. She’s assisted by two baccarat dealers who handle bets and payouts. A banker is chosen for each game, and she decides how much she wants to risk. If she withdraws from the game, a new player will take her position.

There are three possible outcomes in baccarat: player win, banker win or tie. The rules of the game are easy to learn, and the player can place bets on either the player or the banker. There are several betting options, including the zigzag pattern and the streak pattern. Some players use the Martingale system, which involves doubling the size of each bet after a loss or win.

Unlike blackjack, where each player has a hand that they play against the dealer’s, there are only 2 hands in baccarat – a player hand and a banker hand. The player’s hand must total between 0 and 9, with 9 being the most desirable. Depending on the total, a third card may be dealt. If the player or banker hands have a total of 8, or 9, this is referred to as a “natural,” and no additional cards are drawn.